January 03,2019

New Member Announcement – Qatar National Bank


Group Chairman, Mr Wissam Fattouh said:

‘’The MENA Financial Crime Compliance Group is pleased to announce, that in December 2018, QNB Group of the State of Qatar, became the latest official member of the MENA FCCG. They will add valuable experience and expertise in the efforts of the group to make a collective impact in the fight against financial crime.”


Mr. Saleh Nofal, Group Chief Compliance Officer at QNB said:

 “As the biggest bank in Qatar and the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa region, QNB Group is eager to share its experience and vision with the MENA FCCG.

The Group, expanded globally through its subsidiaries and associate companies in more than 31 countries, and positioned itself as one of the highest rated regional banks and from leading international financial publications, with a core goal to combat financial crimes risks and illegal activities. Through its Compliance Group, QNB will make every possible effort to make its joining of the MENA FCCG count, as it will dedicate its best solutions, banking experience, and compliance strategy for the best of interest of all’’.


QNB Group also provided the following commentary:

Qatar National Bank (QNB Group) has joined the MENA FCCG on the basis that sharing compliance risks and challenges, such as Money Laundering and Sanctions Avoidance risks, and collaboration between organizations and financial institutions are the most practical solutions to combat financial crimes risks and illegal activities.

The membership came in line with QNB Group’s approach and proactive measures to identify financial crime risks and the continuous efforts to oversee and control the activities of the largest bank in the region.

QNB Group’s approach is not only to save our reputation, but also extended to ultimately maintain the reputation and integrity of the region’s financial and banking sector.

QNB expresses its readiness to provide the necessary support to other financial institutions within the MENA FCCG with a view to achieve its goals in enhancing the current banking environment and overcome obstacles and challenges in the region.