October 23,2023

MENA FCCG Publishes Culture Assessment Guidelines

A culture of ethics is essential to create good conduct across the organization, it motivates ethical behavior and encourages employees to make good choices consistent with the firm’s vision, purpose, and values, and not just permissible choices. Further, as the intensity of regulatory requirements expand, understanding the motivations and details of employee compliance actions bring to the fore the significance of nurturing a culture of ethics.

Recognizing the complexities associated with cultivating a culture of ethics in practice, MENA FCCG in collaboration with its Europe Chapter and Themis (Europe Chapter’s Strategic Alliance) developed a Culture Assessment Guidelines. The Guidelines provide an overview of regulatory expectations across select countries worldwide including in the MENA region as well as key pillars for cultivating a culture of ethics. The Guidelines also encompass an assessment Questionnaire offering a practical and holistic approach for bringing a firm’s core values into practice including tangible actions relating to role modelling, motivating ethical behavior, and an array of enforcement tools swaying employees towards celebrating ethics rather than merely obeying codes, controls, and rules.

Click to view the Guidelines available in both Arabic and English language.